Apple “The Evolution of Retina”

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I had the pleasure of serving as Visual Effects Supervisor for the recent Apple Retina iMac commercial, with Media Arts Lab and Mark Kudsi of Motion Theory directing.  Working at Mirada Studios, our team created a world of time-lapsing plants and insects within a sleek product lineup.  The products were shot practically using motion control passes, and the move was repeated on a practical plant set (with multiple passes for weather and lighting effects).  Kevin Gillen supplied the hydrangea growth system in Houdini, and Meg Ryan served as lead lighter with help from Nathanial Morgan, Eric Pender, and Hatem Abdallah.  Nicole Herr and Rick Glenn animated the insects, with Craig Halperin supplying the droplet sim.  Montana Casey, Jackie Cooper, Kuan Lin, and Niles Heckman composited the Nuke portions of the piece (the plant world), with Andy Davis, Lisa Tomei, and Alan Latteri compositing the products in Flame. Tadao Masuyama was responsible for modeling and texturing.

Niles Heckman also created the elaborate previs along with Parker Sellers.

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