Bacardi “Sundance”

Sep 13th, 2011 // In: Artist, Featured // By: Comments Off on Bacardi “Sundance”

This is one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever participated in during my 15 years in visual effects.   Jay Barton (VFX Supervisor), Nikos Kalaitzidis (CG Supervisor) and Alex Thiessen (producer) called me up after I returned from London in 2008 to join a top-notch team of Houdini artists creating a unique blend of dance and fluid simulation for director Joseph Kahn.  This was my first job at DD after working at other studios for 10 years (my last DD gig was Supernova), and the spot ended up winning a VES award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial as well as being nominated for Outstanding Character in a Commercial.

Here’s a nifty ‘making-of’ video showing the various stages, from mocap to fluid simulation to final render.

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