Callaway “Tour i(x)”

Sep 12th, 2011 // In: CG Supervisor, Featured // By: Comments Off on Callaway “Tour i(x)”

I served as CG Supervisor for Digital Domain on this unique Callaway golf ball commercial with Jay Barton as VFX Supervisor and David Rosenbaum directing. The all-CG ‘stealth’ jet and hangar was modeled and rendered by Ken Brilliant and David Liu, with Ken sculpting the in-between crushed blendshapes in Zbrush. Adrian Dimond animated cameras and crush actions, and Jason Mortimer created our shattering canopy and an array of Maya fluid smoke effects. Sven Dreesbach comped the spot in Nuke, with Les Umberger providing Flame magic for the ball transition. Houdini FX (wrinkled jet skin, molten ball, hex ball coating, and sparks) were done by yours truly.

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