Dr. Pepper “Thor”

Sep 12th, 2011 // In: Featured, Portfolio, VFX Supervisor // By: Comments Off on Dr. Pepper “Thor”

Dr. Pepper, Deutsche, and Digital Domain teamed up with Paul Hunter and PrettyBird to turn the sleepy, sunny town of Taft, CA into a storm-swept setting for an exploding Dr. Pepper machine.  Stan Lee added his iconic presence as a small-town shopkeeper witnessing the action.

Originally, the vending machine was struck by a lightning bolt, but then shortly before delivery it was discovered that Thor wouldn’t stoop to smashing open a vending machine for the benefit of your Average Joe.  Thus, the deflected Destroyer bolt was employed instead.  Fortunately, Maya particle FX created by Jason Mortimer and Dan Gutierrez saved the day, along with some clever compositing by Sven Dreesbach, Arthur Argote, Jeff Heusser, and Rob Winfield.  Lee Carlton modeled and lit the exploding machine.

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