Hertz “Fantasy”

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The VFX on this job were short and sweet; they were completed in only two weeks! DDB New York came to us with a unique challenge: their night time alley scene had called for a stunt driver to spin a Dodge Challenger 90 degrees in a narrow space and stop on a dime, but the car’s modified braking system had failed, causing the vehicle to spin out of control repeatedly. Fortunately, CG cars are our specialty, so we painted out the real challenger and replaced it with a digital double.

Arthur Argote, our Nuke compositor, Franken-plated numerous timewarped pieces of the original shot together so that the original headlight and tail light reflections would match our newly animated Challenger. He also split a separate pass of our actress into the shot, and added a fake camera move to the interior shot to improve continuity. Finally, Jeff Heusser (Flame) made the wide meditation shot 300% more magical with the addition of doves, a rainbow, and a sky replacement. Hnedel Maximore animated and lit the CG auto in Maya/Vray.

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