Infiniti EX “Stars and Moon”

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One of my first VFX Supervisor jobs for Digital Domain, with Nick Robertson directing. This commercial was shot in Yunnan Province in southern China, as well as in Shanghai. The Yunnan shoot took place on some scary mountain roads that lacked guardrails or shoulders, and of course it was at night… without work lights!

In post, we ended up heavily augmenting the car with a CG version, and replaced many of the backgrounds with matte paintings. Chris Duncan supplied the city-scape paintings, and Ron Crabb designed and painted the suburban house at the end. Lisa Tomei and Jeff Heusser rocked the Flame, Joel Behrens comped in Nuke, Lee Carlton CG Supervised, and Michael Lori did our tracking (somehow using my terrible survey data).

I’ve uploaded a version of the spot with the original backgrounds, so you can see what our plates looked like.

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