Infiniti Winter Event “Competitive”

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I served as Visual Effects Supervisor for Digital Domain on this spot, with David Rosenbaum directing for Mothership. It was shot in Whistler, BC in early fall, so there was no snow whatsoever… the terrain, trees, etc. were completely green, so all of the snow is CG or practical prop work. The opening neighborhood shots used practical ground cover and tree flocking; from that point on it’s mostly CG snow and matte paintings. The snowball rolling shot and ending shot are 100% background replacement (buildings and scenery). Since we couldn’t afford a helicopter (and the slopes were green and grassy) we cooked our helicopter shot up from a stock clip with lots of matte painting enhancements.

DD Credits: VFX Supervisor – James Atkinson; Producers – Chris Fieldhouse and Nicola Wiseman; CG Supervisor – Lee Carlton; Matte Painter – Dark Hoffman; Flame – Jeff Heusser and Lisa Tomei; Nuke – Robin Graham and Beejin Tan; Tracking – Michael Lori; Maya Generalist – Kenny Jackson; Maya FX – Ken Jones and Wayne Hollingsworth; Houdini FX – Youngsam Suh and yours truly

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