NBA2K13 New Dynasty TV Commercial

Oct 23rd, 2012 // In: Featured, Portfolio, VFX Supervisor // By: Comments Off on NBA2K13 New Dynasty TV Commercial

I collaborated as Visual Effects Supervisor with director Neil Huxley, EP Rich Flier, Head of Production Scott Gemmell, and Zambezi LA on the TV launch spot for NBA2K13.

The commercial features a continuous sweeping camera move through multiple tilted worlds of basketball arenas. The animation and cloth simulation were especially challenging due to the complexity of our overlapping, sometimes upside-down scenes.

Special thanks to my DD crew for making this an awesome spot! It was a ‘dream team’ with David Ziek producing, Nye Warburton on previs, Rick Glenn and Tom St. Amand animating, Tim Jones as CG supervisor, Eric Ebling rocking the FX, Christian Sanchez, Dave Carlson, and Dariush Derakshani on lighting/lookdev, Adrian Dimond as our rigging master (and game asset descrambler), Rick Fronek and Navin Pinto simming cloth, Tim Petre rigging the neon trails, Dave Takayama and Sean Falcon on Nuke, and Jeff Heusser on Flame.

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