Seroquel “Steps”

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Steve Pytko, Bev Pangilinan, and Stuart Fink at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness brought us the Seroquel “Cloud” campaign in 2010, with Jim Gartner directing.  Originally the cloud creature was intended to be more of a terrifying apparition, so our elite concept artist, Daniel Thron, painted us some nightmarish images:

Warning: May cause night terrors.

Don't... look... behind... you...

I would take any pill to escape from this thing.

Eventually it was decided that scaring the bejeezus out of depressed patients wasn’t the best approach, so a less menacing cloud was developed and placed into our spot.  Jim Gartner and the Saatchi team did a great job casting and staging the shoot, creating an emotional connection for a complex, non-dialogue concept.  If anyone spots Steve, Stu, or Bev roaming the streets of New York wearing Digital Domain t-shirts, be sure to shower them with compliments on their good taste.


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